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Personal Item Carry-On Bag Organization Tips for Your Flight

These travel tips for personal item carry-on bag organization will help for your next flight. When I pack for a trip, I organize my backpack by when I need the travel essentials mid-flight. #traveltips #backpack #travelorganizer

Tips for packing toiletries:
Need travel outfit ideas:
Walking all day in Europe and need shoes:

Seat Back Checklist:

My Flight Items:
Airplane Mode shirt:
Star sweater: old Rails
Personal Item Bags:
Backpack 15.6:
Striped backpack 15.6:
Bento bag:
Tote bag:
Under seat rolling suitcase:

Compression cubes:
XL compression cubes:
Pink suitcase:
Bright pink suitcase: old Samsonite
Cheaper peeps:
Fingernail file case:
Thin RFID wallet:
Deck of cards:
Deck cards black:
Cord organizer (aqua):
Clear bags (set of 35):
Square coin purse:
Tray table cover:
Cord case (black):
Tube cube from set:
Toiletry kit with liquids bag:
Book: (grabs you quick)
Fanny pack:
Smaller fanny pack:
Crossbody bag:
Strap for purse:
Makeup towel:
Neck pillow:
Phone prop:
Cup holder:

00:00 Organize Personal Item Bag Carry On
1:22 Pack in pockets of bag
2:02 Organize TSA line essentials in pocket
3:30 Prioritize mid-flight items
4:50 Pack similar shapes of pockets
6:45 Travel hack for backpack
6:58 Organize inside personal item backpack
7:25 Organize technology inside bag
8:56 Helps find essentials mid-flight
9:20 Pack essentials along edge of bag
10:35 Laptop pocket of personal item
11:44 Room for fanny pack in bag
13:25 Passport and car key
15:16 Neck pillow
16:19 Pack flat things

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