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Pilot reveals the safety tips you REALLY need to know in the air

Airplane safety is a hotly debated topic but a commercial pilot is out to set the record straight once and for all.

Speaking anonymously to, the flight expert, who has been piloting for 10 years and currently works for one of the world’s biggest carriers, touches on some of the most hotly debated safety subjects.

From the best kind of footwear to wear to which seat is safest, the frequent flyer offers his verdict on a spread of hot topics. 

Glide your way down to learn how you can make your next plane journey less hazardous. 

Wear shoes you can move quickly in

When picking flight footwear the pilot recommends selecting ‘something with the worse case scenario in the back of your mind’

The majority of people will wear shoes that are comfortable but some people might want to dress up a little in heels or smart footwear. However, when picking your flight footwear I would recommend selecting something with the worse case scenario in the back of your mind. You want to be wearing a comfortable shoe you can move quickly in and walk distances in, in the event of an emergency. The floors of planes aren’t always the cleanest so covered shoes are always better too.

The brace position could save your life 

While there are rumors that the brace position is designed to kill passengers quicker, this is not true. As outlined by the America’s Federal Aviation Administration, this position is designed to limit the impact on your body in case of a collision. 

Knowing this as motorskill could save your life. It’s good to practice it if you can.

Seats towards the back of the plane are the safest 

When it comes to the safest spot to sit in the plane, I would opt for a seat in the last two thirds of the aircraft. This is because this area is the strongest part of the aircraft and therefore more likely to survive an impact.

ALWAYS fasten your belt during turbulence 

During turbulence you should have your seatbelt fastened. Ideally you will have fastened your seatbelt before it started. I have seen videos of people not wearing securely fastened belts hitting their heads on the roofs of planes. The lights and air conditioning ports can prove very painful! If the turbulence is of the more severe variety, then it’s best to tip your hot drinks on the ground and have all your loose items stored in the seat pocket in front. Anything loose can become a missile and cause major injuries.

Seats in the last two thirds of the aircraft are the safest, the pilot reveals

You should just have a glass of water with every alcoholic beverage, the flight pro says

Don’t squeeze bags in the bin as they could pop out 

Store anything loose inside one bag. If you have duty free items, such as bottles of alcohol, make sure they are placed securely under a bag in the overhead bin. It is surprisingly common for people to break bones from clunky bottles rolling out of lockers. Also, never try squeezing bags in spaces, as they will come flying out if the bin pops open and this sometimes happens on landing.

Have a glass of water with every alcoholic beverage 

Due to the increased altitude while flying you have lower oxygen levels in your blood. This means you will find you do find yourself intoxicated much easier. You should just have a glass of water with every alcoholic beverage. Dehydration will also accelerate this process and lack of humidity on the plane causes dehydration.

Be careful of sharp edges in the toilet  

Toilet areas on planes are pretty gross, with pee often seen on the floor. They are just really unhygienic places so always operate with caution! Even in mild turbulence it is best to avoiding going to the toilet altogether. The cubicles often have sharp corners, with the countertops and shelves jutting out. If the plane is moving up and down there is nothing to secure yourself and you could get a nasty bump. 

The pilot says he has seen videos of people not wearing securely fastened belts hitting their heads on the roofs of planes during turbulence

‘Never try squeezing bags in spaces, as they will come flying out if the bin pops open’

Avoid the galley area as much as possible 

Another spot on the plane to steer clear of as much as possible is the galley. The cooking area is full of sharp objects, from knifes to bottle openers, and if these are not secured properly they become instant hazards. Boiled water for hot drinks and hot meals present themselves as another risk. In more severe cases of turbulence I have also seen wine bottles smash. It can get pretty messy. 

Lightning is generally not an issue

While it might look scary seeing bolts of light flashing through the sky from your plane seat, 99.999999 per cent of the time lightning is a non-issue. The aircraft will simply dissipate the lighting through its skin. It generally only requires a minor inspection on the ground following the event. Recently though, some modern carbon fiber composites used to build aircraft have had major issues with lighting strikes. There have been cases where the lightning has caused the carbon to delaminate.

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