Quiz: Can you name these islands based only on their SHAPE?

The globe is peppered with islands of all shapes and sizes – there are around 900,000 in total.

Here we’ve picked out 23 of the more well-known examples – including one that’s home to the world’s biggest nightclub and another where Christmas was banned for 30 years – but can you identify them based only on their silhouette?

Scroll down and put your geography skills to the test…  


No.1 – Which island country is this? It was the setting for a hit 2005 animated kids’ film 

No.2 – Do you recognise this island nation? Christmas was banned here for 30 years

No.3 – The late fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s ashes were scattered on this island.  What is it called? 

No.4 – By what name do we know this island? Its potatoes have ‘Protected Designation of Origin’ status 

No.5 – This island nation is where bubble tea, a popular drink that’s filled with tapioca balls, first originated. Can you name it? 

No.6 – What is the name of this isle, famed as the world’s largest island (that is not a continent)?

No.7 – Can you identify this isle, which goes by the nickname of the ‘Island of the Winds’? 

No.8 – Do you know what this island is called? It’s thought to be named after the daughter of a British explorer 

No.9 – Swashbuckling actor Errol Flynn – the George Clooney of the thirties, forties and fifties – described this island as more beautiful than any woman. Can you name it?

No.10 – Can you name this island? It’s home to the world’s biggest nightclub, according to Guinness World Records 

No.11 – This island is famous as the birthplace of a U.S president. What is the island’s name? 

No.12 – Do you recognise this island? It is known for its matriarchal family structure and its female free-divers, who harvest fish from the ocean 

No.13 – The world’s largest surviving carnivorous marsupial hails from this island state – can you name it?

No.14 – Can you give a name to this island, which is also known as the island of a thousand temples? 

No.15 – It was here that the first transatlantic radio signals were received from Cornwall. Have you tuned in to the name of the island?

No.16 – Do you know the name of this island, which is divided into two countries?

No.17 – Can you identify this island, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte? 

No.18 – This is an archipelago, rather than a single island, and it’s home to five different species of penguin. Do you know what it’s called? 

No.19 – By what name is this island – the birthplace of a footballing great – known? 

No.20 – This is the world’s second-largest island – do you recognise it? 

No.21 – Manx cats, a special breed of felines that often have no tail, hail from this island territory. What’s it called? 

No.22 – Do you know the name of this island, which was the setting for a 1797 battle that saw famous Royal Navy officer Admiral Nelson lose his arm?  

No.23 – Over 20 species of dinosaur are thought to have existed on this little island – do you know its name? 


No.1 – Madagascar (the setting for hit animation… Madagascar 


No.2 – Cuba

No.3 – The Isle of Skye, Scotland 

No.4 – Jersey

No.5 – Taiwan 

No.6 – Greenland

No.7 – Mykonos, Greece 

No.8 – Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, the U.S (thought to be named after British explorer Bartholomew Gosnold’s daughter)

No.9 – Jamaica 

No.10 – Ibiza, Spain (home to the world’s biggest nightclub – Privilege Ibiza)

No.11 – Oahu, Hawaii, the U.S (Barack Obama was born there)

No.12 – Jeju Island, South Korea

No.13 – Tasmania, Australia (home to the Tasmanian devil)

No.14 – Bali, Indonesia 

No.15 – Newfoundland island, Canada  

No.16 – Ireland

No.17 – Corsica

No.18 – The Falkland Islands

No.19 – Madeira Island, Portugal (birthplace of footballing great Cristiano Ronaldo)

No.20 – New Guinea

No.21 – Isle of Man (a self-governing British Crown Dependency)

No.22 – Tenerife, Spain 

No.23 – Isle of Wight, UK

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