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Solo traveller on the ultimate nine month long £48,000 cruise with Royal Caribbean reveals what her room looks like

A solo traveller on the ultimate cruise that lasts for nine months has revealed her must-haves when travelling on an epic journey across all seven continents.

Angie Linderman, 37, bought a ticket on Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas that set sail and departed from Miami this week.

Dubbed ‘The Ultimate World Cruise,’ it consists of 247 nights, 11 world wonders and more than 60 countries and prices start at nearly £48,000.

She is documenting her journey for 49,000 followers on TikTok and revealed how she keeps her belongings organised inside her cosy cabin.

Her first clip has already been seen by more than 2.8 million people in less than a week, with over 1,000 comments and questions.

Angie Linderman, 37, bought a ticket on Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas that set sail and departed from Miami this week 

The clip is captioned: ‘Take a more in-depth look at my cabin and what I have done to make it feel like home for the next nine months on Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas’.

She began by showing viewers the door to her room, which she’s hung a storage container on, which holds water bottles, a couple of games, headphones, sunglasses and a tote bag.

Panning the camera around she said: ‘On the bathroom door I’ve got extra toiletries, there are miscellaneous items like band aids, masks, bug stuff, lotions, sunscreens.

‘Kind of organised, and then I’ve just got my sunglasses and other random things in here at the moment.

‘The wardrobe is pretty well organised because of these hanging things that make you have a lot more hangers. I bought my own hangers and then they provided us with plastic and wooden ones.’

Showing off her neatly arranged clothes inside the wardrobe, Angie revealed: ‘Got a few things stored up top, t shirts, more t shirts, extra masks and then bags, shoes, laundry, more shoes down below – then on all of these cubbies I’ve got a bin with items.’

Moving onto the kitchen area, she added: ‘Here they have given us a kettle and some mugs and coffees and then I also brought my own coffee stuff, so that’s in here. It feels stable enough, we’ll see when we get rock and rolling.’

Angie has a long but exciting nine months ahead of her and has decided to reveal what her room looks like, posting a TikTok for her 49,000 followers

Prices of The Ultimate Cruise

Interior Stateroom – Starting from $59,999 (£47,012.22) per person

Ocean View Stateroom – Starting from $64,999 (£50,929.97) per person

Balcony Stateroom – Starting from $82,949 (£64, 994.69) per person

Junior Suite – Starting from $117,599 (£921, 44.70) per person

She then films a dressing table with a large mirror in the center of the room, explaining: ‘Here at the vanity, this will be where I get ready, so I’ve got skin care and then I’ve got a couple of things for work stuff, pens, every day stuff, makeup, hair tools and then hair stuff.’

Angie opened a small cupboard and revealed: ‘Then in here is the fridge.  I’ve got a few water bottles they provided and then I brought bags of iced tea and some jugs so I just need to fill those up with water from upstairs.’

She even came prepared with Christmas gifts and wrapping paper, telling her followers: ‘Up here is Christmas stuff, electronic stuff, food and snacks I brought, including these two boxes of chocolate that are Christmas presents.

‘Over here on the coach chair area, I have my journal and my binder for the trip that held all my excursion and visa information, my little photo printer, a couple sudoku books, pens and stickers.’

The solo traveller also has a map and country check off list, yarn for her knitting projects and fairy lights.

She continues: ‘Over here I’ve got my jewellery on one side. I’ve got my hats up there and some twinkly lights, a nice calendar that my brother gave me for Christmas.

‘I’ve got things for when it’s hot, things for when it’s cold – my towel, my hats, my scarves, my dry bags, my hot water bottle. I’ve got my fins and snorkel gear..’

Showing where she’ll be sleeping for more than half of the next year, Angie concludes ‘Over here just a little fan for my bed and an alarm clock that lights up. Then there’s the balcony and it’s still raining.’

Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas set sail and departed from Miami this week, beginning it’s adventure across the world with eager passengers on board

Commenters were quick to rush in with questions, writing: ‘How much does a world cruise cost?!’ and ‘Can you leave the cruise, go home if needed and rejoin the cruise at a future port?’

Another joked: ‘What happens with laundry that’s what I need to know,’ meanwhile someone else pointed out ‘I think about the kids on board… they would grow out of their clothes sizes before the cruise was over!’

One viewer added: ‘It’s like packing for college without the school part. How do you restock necessities?’

Someone else queried, ‘I’m wondering how people deal with prescriptions over the 9 months? I get one every 3 months.. how do you get them?’ 

Another penned: ‘I would have never thought to bring the organizing bins… they look like they will really save your sanity!!!,’ to which Angie revealed, ‘I did what I call a “test cruise” two months ago in this cabin and took measurements and spent time thinking what would help me feel organised’.

One follower admitted: ‘The way that everything is so planned and organized is insane. I would be living in squalor out of a suitcase’.

The unique cruise is split into four segments: Americas, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Med and Europe and beyond.

Prices begin at £47,012.22 ($59,999) per person, however there are a multitude of various offers and packages you can add, including an unlimited drinks package with Angie opted for.

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