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Neil Tobbler (Jake Short) has gone through most of his life feeling invisible and fantasizing about his long-time crush, Summer (Madison Davenport). When Neil and his best friend Gilbert (Miles J. Harvey) find out that Summer is throwing a birthday party, Gilbert pressures Neil to ask her for an invitation. The plan fails, and Neil embarrasses himself in front of the girl of his dreams. Desperate and humiliated, Neil wishes upon the universe to be someone else – a supercool version of himself. The next day he wakes up and realizes that the universe has granted him his wish. Neil’s face has changed, and he starts attracting unusual attention from everyone around him. Armed with new confidence, Neil gets an invitation to Summer’s party and asks his playboy neighbor Jimmy (Damon Wayans Jr.) to help him attract Summer’s attention. As the night begins, things quickly spin out of control. Neil and Gilbert are unexpectedly swept into a series of car chases, robberies and wild parties. The epic night tests the boys’ friendship, and forces Neil to learn a couple of life lessons…(read more)

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