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TBILISI Tourist Attractions, Part 1 / Georgia Travel Vlog / Eastern Europe Travel

Tbilisi Tourist attractions is the first video from the series of video about capital of Georgia. In the part 1 we will stroll in Rike park walking over Bridge of Peace, take cable car to go to Narikala Fortress and Mother Georgia, chill at Leghvtakhevi Canyon and Waterfall, wandering around Tbilisi streets, having fun in wine tasting and relax at Sulphur Baths

🎬 Chapters:
0:00 Intro
0:34 Bridge of Peace
0:55 Rike Park
1:13 Cable Car
1:49 Mother Georgia
2:05 Narikala Fortress
2:30 Abanotubani District
3:07 Leghvtakhevi Canyon and Waterfall
4:06 Tbilisi Streets
5:07 Wine tasting
5:59 Carpet Shop
6:21 Churchkhela Shop
6:34 Sulphur Baths

**For the full series of Georgia experiences you can watch in the playlist of Eastern Europe Travel vlog

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