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Testing 20 Travel Hacks + Airport Tips & Tricks!

As you guys know, I have been traveling A LOT recently! I decided to share some of my best #travel #hacks with you guys, and even test out a few new ones! Do y’all have any more tips for traveling??

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Traveling can be super stressful! There are so many little things that you have to remember to pack, products explode in your suitcase, and it seems like there’s just never enough room in your bag for everything that you need to pack! 🙈

I decided to test out a few hacks to see if any of them would actually improve my traveling experience, and some of them were pretty cool! I tested out different packing hacks, airport/security hacks, and even shared some of my favorite tips for when you’re actually on the airplane!

This summer, I’ve traveled to Kenya, Bali, and LA so far! I’m having the best time, and some of the hacks in this video have truly saved the day and made my traveling experiences run much more smoothly! Do you have any other hacks that I should try out?? Comment below!

List of hacks that I shared/tried:
*Book both a window and an aisle seat to (hopefully) get an empty middle seat
*Glasses case to keep cords organized
*Cotton pads to keep makeup from cracking
*Tic Tac container to hold bobby pins
*Binder clip to protect razor
*Fill a contact lens case with makeup
*Straws to keep necklaces from getting tangled
*Dryer sheets to keep luggage smelling nice
*Carry medicine in a mint tin
*Store items in your shoes to save space
*Plastic wrap on bottles to keep them from spilling
*Take a picture of your parking spot at the airport so you remember where you parked
*Bring empty water bottle through security so you can refill
*Bring frozen drinks through security (we just found this one out!)
*There is a way to lift the armrest in the aisle seat of a plane
*Phone in a ziplock bag to watch movies or TV hands-free
*Don’t lose your luggage (lol)
*Bring extension cords (esp. to other countries)
*Bring a photocopy of your passport
*Hang your clothes in the bathroom with a running shower so steam can get out wrinkles (spray clothes with wrinkle release first)

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