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The Best Shoes for Europe Travel (cobblestone roads)

The best and most comfortable walking shoes for Europe. These shoes have a rugged sole for walking all day on cobblestone roads. Some of these supportive shoes are waterproof so you can pack them for for any weather. #comfortableshoes #traveltips #waterproofboots

Need to plan travel outfits for Europe? Watch this video:
Need to pack light? Watch these hacks:
Need travel hacks? This is a great list:

Free packing list:

My shoes in this travel tip video:
My sweater: (true to size; not see-through)
Jacket: black is 20 years old
Gray backpack: (both 15.6 version)
1. Hiking shoe waterproof:
Low hiking shoe:
2. Waterproof boot:
Camel coat:
3. Tall boot:
4. Sneaker:
Pull-on denim:
Striped tote bag: old
Gingham shirt: old J Crew
5. White sneaker:
Pink dress: Loft (cannot find link)
Camo purse:
6. Blue boot sneaker:
7. Nicer black boot:
8. Loafer:
Black crossbody:
Strap for purse:
Shoe pad insert:
9. Tan waterproof boot (black too):
10: Sandal:
Aztec purse strap:
Straw hat: (similar)
11. Waterproof beach sandal:

00:00 Supportive Shoes for Walking
00:24 Waterproof shoes
1:55 Shoe with rugged sole for Europe
2:09 Boot for walking
2:22 Sneakers for walk all day
4:02 Water-repellent sneaker for Europe weather
5:03 Boot with supportive sole
5:17 Loafer walk in Europe
6:35 Waterproof boot low heel
6:56 Water-resistant sandals

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