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The Best Travel Hacks You Will Ever Hear

These are 33 of the best travel hacks with tips and tricks for the airplane. I also show you hacks for a carry-on suitcase.

What I Use With My Hacks in This Video:
My shirt:
Blue carry-on:
Carabiner hook:
Small carabiner:
Pink suitcase:
Toiletry case:
Waterproof jacket: (I forgot to pack it in Europe last week and had to buy one on a layover)
Small pink pouch:
Airpod cord:
Striped t-shirt:
Phone prop:
Electronic cord organizer case:
Shampoo bar travel case:
Gray backpack 15.6:
Compression cubes (6):
Striped backpack:
Liquid containers:
Sunglasses – reading glasses case:
Sunglasses that easily fit: but any flat type should work.

Need to pack in a rolling under airplane seat bag? Watch THIS:
Here is how to pack it all for a winter trip:
Learn how to save space when packing toiletries:
Packing for 2 Climates? What THIS:

POP over and say hi:
Instagram: @TravelTipsByLaurie (My former channel name was LauriePOP Ideas That POP, but now I produce travel tip videos only)

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