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The stunning winning images in the All About Photo Awards 2020 photography competition

These stunning photos serve as windows into contrasting and intriguing worlds within our world – from a fog-shrouded desert to a riot-torn city and from a gun-toting suburban American household to monkeys in a hot spring.

They are among the 40 winning and commended images in the prestigious photography contest All About Photo Awards 2020 – The Mind’s Eye, which is now in its fifth year. 

American Monica Denevan was named Photographer of the Year for her shot showing a young man on the front of a small boat crossing a river in Myanmar.

Another powerful snap, taken by Gabriele Galimberti from Italy, captures a young woman in Florida standing in the street proudly showcasing the 22 firearms she owns. The photo secured her second place overall. 

The judging panel, which included renowned photographer and UN Ambassador for the environment Laurent Baheux, had the tough job of sifting through an ‘extremely high calibre of photographs from around the world’ with ‘beautiful and soothing images’ being their preference in a bid to ‘escape the terrible events that are happening in the world right now’.

Scroll down to see 16 of the winning images with the full selection available to view at via… 

This shocking (to some) image secured Gabriele Galimberti from Italy the runner-up spot. Called ‘Ameriguns’, it shows Avery Skipalis, 33, standing outside her house in Tampa, Florida, showcasing the 22 guns she owns. Galimberti said: ‘In the States there are more guns than people. [There are] 120.5 registered firearms for every 100 residents and the statistic doesn’t count “not-registers firearms”. As a European, I started wondering if owning many weapons by a single person or family is a common habit in the U.S. I traveled across the U.S and created a series of 45 portraits of families or single individuals, including all races and beliefs, together with their firearms’

The above photo by Kosuke Kitajima got a Particular Merit Mention. The Japanese photographer caught affectionate monkeys in a hot spring and said they ‘had various expressions, like a person’

Nadia De Lange was awarded fourth place overall with this shot showing fog dancing across the Namib Desert. The photographer, from Switzerland, says there is more life in the desert than most people realise ‘thanks to the wonderful miracle of fog’. She explains: ‘The clouds that roll in from the Atlantic Ocean bring with them moisture that sustains the fauna and flora living in this beautiful, harsh landscape’

American Monica Denevan was named the overall winner and Photographer of the Year for her shot showing a young man on the front of a small boat crossing a river in Myanmar. It is part of the photographer’s series titled Songs of the River: Portraits from Burma

Alain Schroeder from Belgium got a Particular Merit Mention for this shot showing efforts to save orangutans in Indonesia. He captioned the shot: ‘At dawn, veterinarian Pandu crosses the Krueng Aceh river in a small boat carrying Diana, an eight-year-old female orangutan, for a final release’

Amos Chapple, one of MailOnline Travel’s favourite photographers, said of this shot: ‘It looks like the darkness of evening, but this is 14:25 in the afternoon during the long polar night in Russia’s arctic capital city Murmansk.’ The photographer, from New Zealand, was awarded a Particular Merit Mention for this image, which was shot using an iPhone 11

Chin Leong Teo landed a Particular Merit Mention for this incredible underwater shot of a Wallace’s Flying Frog coming up for air. The Japanese photographer said: ‘The Wallace’s Flying Frog is a moss frog found in Malaysia and western Indonesia. It is generally quite photogenic given its large size, brilliant colours and calm temperament. This is a shot taken of a specimen swimming in water, with full extension of its beautiful long legs’

Dotan Saguy from the U.S titled this striking shot taken on Venice Beach in Los Angeles ‘Hello Sunshine’ and scored a Particular Merit Mention. Explaining the image, he said: ‘Jenna carefully watches two giant boa constrictors that their owner – a street performer she barely knows -entrusted to her. She is careful to keep the snake wrapped around exercise bars to prevent a wound in the animal’s mouth from touching the sand and getting infected. Jenna is a single mom on disability. She suffers from failed back surgery syndrome, acquired from a violent car accident she had as a teenager. She and her young son Jackson can be found most afternoons on the beach’

This powerful action shot, titled Break Away and taken by Australian photographer Tony Beck, landed a Particular Merit Mention. It shows a rider midair as he falls off a bull at a rodeo event in Taralga, New South Wales

Tomas Neuwirth from the Czech Republic took this mesmerising shot of a small square cemetery blanketed in snow during winter. It is located outside a village named Rejvíz in the Jeseníky Mountains. The image got a Particular Merit Mention

Zay Yar Lin from Myanmar took this beautifully-lit photo while travelling in Mongolia and got a Particular Merit Mention. It shows eagle hunting elders training a child at a hill near Bayan Olgii. Yar Lin notes: ‘There are an estimated 250 eagle hunters in Bayan-Olgii, which is located in the Altai Mountains of western Mongolia. They maintain the ancient practice of hunting with golden eagles on horseback, and they primarily hunt red foxes and corsac foxes’

Go Nakamura from the U.S immersed himself in the action to capture this scene showing anti-government protesters in Hong Kong in a fog of teargas and using umbrellas, gas masks and goggles to protect themselves. He explained that riot police deployed the gas during a confrontation outside the Central Government Complex on September 15, 2019. The judges gave Nakamura a Particular Merit Mention

Rory Doyle from the U.S. titled this candid photo The Newest Cowboy in Town. It shows newborn Jestin Brown being held by his father, Jessie Brown, at their home in Cleveland, Mississippi. Doyle, who got a Particular Merit Mention, says: ‘This image is part of my ongoing project about the overlooked subculture of African American cowboys and cowgirls in the rural Mississippi Delta. Historians agree that just after the Civil War, one in four cowboys were African American. Yet this population was drastically underrepresented in popular accounts, and it is still’

Virginia native Rebecca Moseman came third with this eye-catching photo of a young girl shot in black and white. The photographer captioned the image: ‘A little Irish traveller girl looks out of her family car before going home to her family’s Illegal encampment [in Ireland]’. Ms Moseman’s advice for aspiring photographers? ‘Avoid having too large an ego, and don’t be afraid to fail. Remember you will continue to grow and learn from other people and different situations,’ she told

Nicole Cambre from Belgium titled this bustling scene The Jump of the Wildebeest. The photo landed her fifth place. Cambre took the jaw-dropping image showing the annual migration of the wildebeest while travelling through Tanzania. Commenting on the shot, she said: ‘This wildebeest did not wait for its turn and jumped on top of the others’

Lori Hawkins from the U.S titled this shot The Grand Procession and was awarded a Particular Merit Mention. She explained: ‘On April 2, 2019, tens of thousands of Hasidic men and women from every major sect crammed the thoroughfares of Borough Park, Brooklyn, for Rabbi Portugal’s funeral. The Skulener Rebbe, Rabbi Yisroel Avrohom Portugal, died on April 1, 2019. He was the last American Rebbe born in pre-war Europe. He may have been the last of the Hasidic Grand Rabbis who survived the ordeals of both the Holocaust and the Iron Curtain’

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