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The world’s top 100 cities for 2023 RANKED: Paris is No.1 (again), followed by Dubai, with New York eighth, London 10th – and Cairo 99th

Paris has again been named the world’s top city destination, according to a study.

It’s the third year in a row that the French capital has scooped the top spot in Euromonitor International’s Top 100 City Destinations ranking.

It is produced by comparing 55 metrics across six ‘key pillars’ – economic and business performance; tourism performance; tourism infrastructure; tourism policy and attractiveness; health and safety, and sustainability.

The report places Dubai second, Madrid third and Tokyo fourth – with the Japanese capital in the top ten for the first time thanks to improved developments in tourism infrastructure. Amsterdam rounds off the top five.

Meanwhile, London, the top-ranking UK city, drops four places to 10th. That’s two places behind New York, which has climbed two places, but far ahead of the next British entry – Edinburgh, which ranks 62nd.

The rest of the top ten comprises Berlin (sixth), Rome (seventh) and Barcelona (ninth).

Paris has again been named the world’s top city destination by Euromonitor International

European destinations feature prominently for 2023, with an impressive 12 cities in the top 20, and 63 in the top 100.

In contrast, the only other US city in the top 20 aside from New York is Los Angeles, in at 19th.

Down Under, Sydney places much better than last year, climbing an impressive ten places from No.32, to No.22, while Melbourne also climbed ten spots, from No.34, to No.24.

Sandwiched in the middle of the two Australian cities in the ranking is Istanbul (23rd).

Newcomers to this year’s list are Washington DC (48th), Montreal (68th), Santiago in Chile (88th) and Lithuania’s Vilnius (92nd).


1. Paris

2. Dubai

3. Madrid

4. Tokyo

5. Amsterdam

6. Berlin

7. Rome

8. New York

9. Barcelona

10. London

11. Singapore

12. Munich

13. Milan

14. Seoul

15. Dublin

16. Osaka

17. Hong Kong

18. Vienna

19. Los Angeles

20. Lisbon

21. Prague

22. Sydney

23. Istanbul

24. Melbourne

25. Orlando, FL

26. Frankfurt am Main

27. Kyoto

28. Taipei

29. Florence

30. Toronto

31. Athens

32. Zurich

33. Bangkok

34. Las Vegas, NV

35. Miami

36. Kuala Lumpur

37. Venice

38. Abu Dhabi

39. Stockholm

40. Brussels

41. Tel Aviv

42. San Francisco

43. Shanghai

44. Warsaw

45. Guangzhou

46. Copenhagen

47. Nice

48. Washington

49. Budapest

50. Shenzhen

51. Vancouver

52. Palma de Mallorca

53. Seville

54. São Paulo

55. Valencia

56. Mexico City

57. Antalya

58. Sapporo

59. Beijing

60. Busan

61. Fukuoka

62. Edinburgh

63. Porto

64. Jerusalem

65. Kraków

66. Rio de Janeiro

67. Honolulu, HI

68. Montreal

69. Macau

70. Cancún

71. Marne-La-Vallée

72. Doha

73. Sharjah

74. Rhodes

75. Verona

76. Bologna

77. Thessaloniki

78. Buenos Aires

79. Lima

80. Phuket

81. Delhi

82. Heraklion

83. Tallinn

84. Pattaya-Chonburi

85. Ho Chi Minh City

86. Playa Del Carmen

87. Johor Bahru

88. Santiago

89. Tbilisi

90. Riyadh

91. Marrakech

92. Vilnius

93. Mugla

94. Zhuhai

95. Mecca

96. Punta Cana

97. Guilin

98. Hanoi

99. Cairo

100. Muscat

Source: Euromonitor International

London is the top-ranking UK city, way ahead of Edinburgh, which ranks 62nd

New York has climbed two places to eighth. It’s the top-ranking American city

Dubai comes second based on 55 metrics across ‘key pillars’ such as sustainability and attractiveness, and tourism infrastructure

At the very bottom of the ranking is the capital of Oman, Muscat, with Cairo just above in 99th place.

Nadejda Popova, senior manager (Loyalty) at Euromonitor International, said: ‘Paris has retained the title of the world’s leading city following exceptional performance across the “pillars”.’

Looking at travel and tourism for the years ahead, she said: ‘Rising costs of living, which trigger lower consumer confidence, and fluctuating inflation are expected to be the biggest challenges for the growth of the industry in 2024 and 2025, especially if global recession unveils.

‘Consumers are expected to look for value-for-money travel propositions when booking travel and will continue to favour authentic and local experiences in addition to sustainable tourism alternatives.’

The report reveals that international travel has continued to make a strong recovery in 2023, with a 38 per cent growth in terms of number of trips, projected to reach £1.3billion by the end of the year.

The Spanish capital of Madrid places third in a year when global tourism spending is set to reach $1.7trillion (£1.3trillion)

The Japanese capital, Tokyo, is in the top ten for the first time thanks to improved developments in tourism infrastructure 

Egypt’s capital Cairo comes a lowly 99th, just above Muscat in Oman, which is at the very bottom of the table

Global tourism spending is set to reach $1.7trillion (£1.3trillion) in 2023. 

According to the report, compiled in conjunction with data company Lighthouse, Istanbul is the most popular foreign destination globally, with international arrivals numbering 20.2million – an increase of 26 per cent compared to 2022.

Next comes London, with 18.8million arrivals, followed by Dubai (16.8million).

An important milestone for the recovery of the industry in 2023, the study says, has been the return of Chinese international travel, following the removal of the governmental quarantine.

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