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Things to Do in Nashville (2023)

If you visit Nashville for the first time, here are things to do for a weekend. These tips will help when you plan your girlfriends weekend trip to Nashville. You will see bachelorette trip ideas for things to do in Nashville too. #visitnashville #nashvilletn #traveltips

Things to do in Nashville:
White Limozeen:
Red Tractor Tour:
The Listening Room:
Jason Aldean’s Restaurant:
Blue Bird Cafe:
Trolley Tour:
Red Phone Booth Speakeasy:
Skulls Rainbow Room:
Email for Skulls Speakeasy:

Packing tip videos:
Tips for a long flight:

What I wore for the girls weekend in Nashville:
Let’s Go shirt:
Pink suitcase:
Sleeveless tee: (size 10 is medium)
Blush sneakers:
Sequin jacket: (large is roomy for size 10-but I did not like the pink one)
Howdy shirt:
Pink pull-on shorts:
Black dress size 10 fits Medium:
Pink dress same as blk:
White boots: (I tried so many and these were the most comfortable-tts)
White fringe crossbody bag:
Black fanny pack:
Band for waist:
Phone charger:
Hat clip:
Black hat: my dad’s Stetson
Nail polish: OPI 15 Minutes to Flame
Sunglasses case:
Sunscreen for scalp part:

00:00 Things to Do Nashville
00:20 Tips for Nashville visit
00:50 Plan weeks ahead
1:15 Dolly Parton’s White Limozeen reservations
1:44 Tips for White Limozeen
4:17 Take a tractor tour
6:01 Relax at 5th and Broadway
6:27 5 tips before visit Nashville
12:29 Trolley tour: 2 reasons
13:10 2 Important travel tips
1406 Tips for Bluebird Cafe reservations
15:20 Tips for Red Phone Booth Speakeasy
16:56 Skulls Rainbow Room reservations
20:26 What is not allowed in Nashville
20:50 Last tip for Nashville trip
21:03 Important tip Nashville

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