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‘This is so precious’: Emotional moment daughter surprises her mother with lavish flight upgrade on their way home from Dubai

A fashion influencer surprised her mother with a lavish Emirates flight upgrade on their way home from a family holiday – and her sweet reaction was captured on film.

Rochelle, from the UK, shared a two-part video to her TikTok on July 23, detailing her journey back to London Gatwick after a trip to Dubai with her gobsmacked mother.

She caught the moment she revealed the pair would be flying business class rather than economy inside the airport – and her mother’s jaw dropped in response. 

The video has been viewed by millions of people, amassing around 3.5 million likes and hundreds of comments hailing the sweet moment.

Rochelle, a social worker and fashion influencer, leads a luxurious jet-set lifestyle – while maintaining a humble job working in child protection. 

She often posts Harrods clothing hauls, reviews of designer perfume and adventures in expensive countries – as well as insights into the work she does as a social worker. 

Rochelle’s mum is shocked when her daughter announces that they will be upgrading to a business class flight 

This time around, Rochelle gifts her mother an extravagant experience as she documents their journey flying from a holiday in Dubai back to London Gatwick airport. 

At the start of the video, Rochelle is recording her mother pushing a luggage trolley through Dubai International Airport departures. 

As they approach the doors leading to a section for “First & Business Class” passengers, she asks her mother to read the sign before entering. 

Her mother asks, ‘Are we flying first class?’ to which Rochelle responds, ‘We’re flying business class.’

The mother’s jaw drops and eyes widen as she realises she has been gifted with a lavish experience, before tearing up and running towards her daughter to hug her. 

A second video then captures Rochelle’s mum’s experience as they board the plane, and enjoy the business class experience on the world-renowned airline.

Once comfortable in their seats, the duo clink glasses of champagne, before Rochelle continues to record her mum as she navigates the new experience. 

The mother giggles as she reclines in her spacious seat with a top-up drink after ordering lunch and dinner from a deluxe, extensive menu.

The emotional mother waits to board the plane with Rochelle with tears in her eyes as she gets ready for an unforgettable experience

The beaming mother poses for the camera holding up a glass of champagne before she reclines in her spacious seat

The pair tuck into a delectable dinner consisting of grilled steak, dauphinoise potatoes and green beans, garnished with sprinkles of bacon.

A comically frustrated bartender plays the waiting customer role while Rochelle’s mum is treated to an experience serving in-flight swanky cocktails  

Lunch for the two arrives in the form of a fresh tomato salad, seasoned focaccia bread and an appetising soup – served with wedges of lemon and mini bottles of olive oil. 

The pair are then served a dinner consisting of grilled steak, dauphinoise potatoes and green beans, garnished with sprinkles of bacon. 

A platter of various cheeses are offered, before Rochelle and her beaming mother head to the bar – where mum is offered the experience of making and serving cocktails to the bartender.  

Once back in their seats, the two laugh with and tease one another, before settling down to watch a film under their fluffy duvets. 

The two-part video is captioned by Rochelle as: ‘Surprising my mum with an upgrade to @Emirates business class. She was so shocked, such a nice way to end our holiday.’ 

The footage invoked a plethora of wholesome well-wishes from TikTok users users – with many declaring being moved and reduced to tears after watching the mother’s reaction. 

One user announced, ‘This is what TikTok is for,’ while another wrote, ‘This is so precious.’

Two emotional users commented, ‘Who is cutting onions?!’ and, ‘Why are my eyes watering? It’s just a video.’

Hundreds of well-wishes have flooded Rochelle’s comment section underneath the video, with many touched and moved by how she surprised her mum

Others congratulated Rochelle for treating her mother to a “deserving” luxury experience.

One person wrote, ‘You can just tell that is mum that deserves business class!” while another commented, ‘So happy for you, she’s really blessed to have you as her daughter.’ 

Another said: ‘This is sooooo sweet. May God bless you even more to continue to do these types of gestures for your mum. They deserve to have luxury.’ 

The top comment out of the bunch, with almost 29K likes, rounds up the experience as a toast to the mum for already embodying ‘business class energy.’

The user said: ‘I’m sorry but your Mum was giving business class energy already. The hair, the glasses.’ 

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