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Tips to remember for travel to Thailand | Thailand trip package for Bangkok Pattaya | travel tips

Tips and Things to remember while traveling to Bangkok and Pattaya city of Thailand.

bangkok pattaya tour you can do in 4-5 days of your Thailand travel

This video explain tips while travel to Thailand from India .One must follow these advice for their smooth thailand trip .These tips and travel information will help you lot while your trip to thailand.

Tips and checklist :
1 Be Flexible
2.Make Photocopies of Important Documents
3.Keep an emergency stash of money
4.Travel Card.
5 Travel Insurance
6.balanced Diet
7.Battery Charger
8.Universal Adapter
9.Less Luggage
10.Local Cash
11.Safe Hotels
12.Use of Public transport
14.Online deals
15.Don’t carry away with nightlife of Thailand..(read more)

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