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Top 5 AIRPORT SCAMS to Look Out for in 2024 (#3 is EVERYWHERE!)

These are the top 5 MUST-KNOW airport scams from around the world. From the notorious Classic Fake Taxi Scam to the sneaky Taxi Swap Scam, we’ve got real-life examples and red flags to watch out for the next time you travel. I’ll also share my experience getting scammed at the Paris Airport (CDG) and a warning to anyone planning to visit Mexico… especially if you are flying into Cancun Airport.

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00:00 Airport Taxi Scams in 2024
00:20 Airport scam #1
01:05 I was scammed in Paris
02:08 MUST-KNOW for Paris Airport (CDG)
02:31 Airport scam #2
03:32 Airport scam #3
04:11 Airport scam #4
05:13 Warning for Mexico travel
05:55 Airport scam #5
06:47 When scams get dangerous…
07:01 Do THIS to avoid scams..(read more)

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