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Travel Hacks while travelling with your pet

Complete Nutrition during travels – MYTH? 😱

Not anymore! 😎

As a pet parent, complete nutrition is the biggest concern especially when you are travelling with your pet. You often fail to get the best food for your dog and our dog’s immunity also gets impacted during travels.

@doggiliciouus828 brings a huge relief to all dog parents in the form of these three travel-friendly nutrition hacks.

👉 Superwoof – makes food yummy and provides daily micronutrients and vitamins.

👉 Dehydrated Protein Treats – will ensure your dog gets at least some protein they need in their diet when you don’t get much protein in their food.

👉 Gut feeling – serves as a health SOS by balancing the gut acidity which gets impacted during travels.

Do Not Forget to carry these the next time you travel with your dog🎒

Check out @doggiliciouus828 to know more and place your orders today! ✌️

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