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Travel Outfits to NOT Wear in the Airplane

This travel tip video is about outfits to not wear inside the airplane. I have worn these travel outfits so I share my mistakes so you know what not to wear in the plane. #traveltips #traveloutfits

What I Wore:
Carry-on 20 inch:
Striped backpack 15.6:
Light gray backpack 15.6:
Oatmeal sweater with mock collar:
Waterproof boots:
Crossbody bag:
Strap for purse:
Blue nice tee:
2 piece set:
Long sleeve shirts:
Camel coat:
Black jeans:
Striped pullover:
Compression leggings:
Black tunic over leggings:
Green dress:
Wide-leg pants:
Pink thin sweatshirt:
Stretchy band for valuables:
Skecher shoe:
Joggers: (many colors and do not wrinkle)
Howdy sweatshirt:
Black poncho sweater: (many colors and so soft)
White jeans:
Bonjour sweater:

Shop outfits I do wear in the airplane:

Learn how to organize your backpack:
Toiletries organization:
River cruise: what not to forget:
Christmas Market tips:
Packing List:

00:00 Tips for what not to wear in airplane
00:08 Outfits to not wear when flying
:48 Do not wear a poncho
1:24 Shawl restricts movement
1:49 Do not wear jumpsuit
2:57 Do not wear volleyball shorts
3:40 Do not wear stiff fabric
4:40 Do not wear tight jeans
5:55 Do not wear a maxi dress
6:30 Pack them to wear on vacation
6:43 Pull-on boots
7:28 Bulky jewelry
8:00 Bag with no zipper
8:23 White pants
10:15 Band that protects valuables
12:04 Cannot tie shawl around waist
12:17 Vest
12:44 Update
13:18 Tip for outer layer clothing

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