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Travel Tips for Men

Today I will share travel tips for men. If you pack for your husband, you will also pick up some tips for a man’s carry-on bag essentials. The number one packing tip for men is to remember that you will carry the essentials on vacation which can weigh your gym shorts down. So pack some shorts with a belt because inside your pockets are your travel wallet, rental car keys, and your phone (and maybe your wife’s phone if she’s wearing a super cute skirt).

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My Amazon Travel Store:
Out of office shirt: bought it at the Maui Walmart
Man’s Hawaiian shirt:
My Hawaiian dress:
Dri-fit shorts:
Merrell shoes:
Merrell sneakers: (navy and khaki too)
Men trousers:
Compression cubes:
Pattern swimsuit:
Above ankle socks:
Pill organizer:
Tech pouch:
Thin pullover:
Different color:
Salmon thin pullover:
Water bottle:
RFID wallet:
My RFID wallet:
Our suitcase:

YouTube Equipment:
Nikon Camera:
Portable Tripod:
Ring Light: (I use 2)
Portable Light:
Office chair:

Foundation, blush, eyeliner: Mary Kay
Mascara primer:
Lip Stick:
My Lipgloss:
My curling iron:

00:00 Travel Tips for Men
00:14 Carry-On Bags
03:15 Packing Tip for Men
04:25 Travel Hack
06:32 Toiletries Men
07:36 Travel Tips Men TSA

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