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TRAVEL TIPS: How to Pack a TSA Approved Toiletries Carry On Bag

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โœฟ Here’s a collage of all the products I mentioned:

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*Special note: Ooops I meant to say I use nail polish remover to remove my nail polish, not makeup. ๐Ÿ˜€

โœฟ List of products mentioned:
Clear toiletries bag:
Sticker labels:
Empty travel size containers:
SKII mask it’s on sale right now for 49% off, save an extra 10% with code DEAL10YT

Kai Travel set:
Neutrogena Rapid Clear acne:
Lush Gorgeous Moisturizer:
Nail polish remover pads:
Cetaphil spf 50:
Caress soap:
Seventh Generation Wipes:
Antibacterial hand gel:
Chloe Roller Perfume:
Travel toothbrush kit:
Tongue Scraper:

โœฟWatch my morning routine:

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My nail polish is OPI Mod About You:

ftc: This video is not sponsored.

Cameras & set up I use to make videos:
*Nikon D5100: (I film beauty videos with this camera)
Lens for Nikon:
Vlogging camera:
Editing software:
CanonXA10: (I film my cooking videos with this camera)
Diva light:
Softbox light:

email: more)

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