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TRAVELING TO SYRIA IN 2023… (intense!)

Traveling in to Syria in 2023 is not easy. The country is in the midst of recovering from a 12 year civil war, and entry is restricted, crossings in to this ancient land can only be made by land, from Lebanon or Jordan. We have wanted to travel to Syria for years, the cities of Damascus & Aleppo are some of the oldest & most incredible on Earth and its incredible culture, people and food have always fascinated us. In the heart of the Middle East, in what was Mesopotamia, and on the ancient Silk Road, Syria is at the cross road of civilisations. Even in its very recent history, Syria has been controlled by both the Ottoman’s, the French to name a couple. Each different country has left its mark on Syria, making it one of the richest & most beautiful cultures not just in the Arab world, but on Earth.
Our journey starts in Beirut Lebanon, where we were picked up early in the morning and driven to the border, before attempting to cross in Syria and head straight for Damascus, the historic capital of the country.
Join us for one of the most intense travel days and overwhelming, interesting and crazy weeks in our lives. Welcome to Syria.

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