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Traveller causes outrage for painting her nails on a flight as hundreds slam the act as selfish

A traveller has sparked a debate after she complained about a fellow passenger’s ‘entitled and selfish’ act on a flight.

The woman snapped an image of a fellow passenger sitting in front of her painting her nails, causing the strong smell of the polish to fill the cabin.

While a small minority saw no issue with the woman using the three hour flight to paint and dry her nails, most were outraged by the ‘rude’ and ‘inconsiderate’ behaviour. 

The flyer vented her frustrations online saying she was asked by other passengers to put the nail varnish away but she refused. 

‘The flight attendant asked her after four of us asked her to stop and she didn’t, because by the time the flight attendant got involved, she was doing the top coat,’ she said in a Reddit post. 

An image of a woman painting her nails on a three-hour flight has caused a heated debate with many slamming the ‘selfish’ and ‘inconsiderate’ behaviour

She admitted she did not ask the woman to stop doing her nails joking: ‘I did the British thing and glared at the back of her head and tutted loudly until she finally put it away.’

Hundreds were shocked by the woman’s ‘audacity’ to give herself a manicure without thinking about the smell it would cause. 

‘People like this make me realise how overly considerate I am. My brain can’t comprehend this level of entitlement and selfishness,’ one user wrote. 

‘R.I.P everybody’s nose,’ laughed another and a third said: ‘This is psychopath behaviour’. 


Is it ok for passengers to paint their nails on a plane?

Yes 4760 votes No 15230 votes

‘I would have literally snatched that and tossed it in the toilet. I can’t stand the smell of that in a well ventilated house,’ replied a fourth.

Others wondered how she got the substances past security. 

‘How is nail polish and nail polish remover allowed on a carry on bag??? Both are highly flammable and both give off ridiculous amounts of fumes,’ one person asked. 

In Australia, Virgin flights allow passengers to pack nail polish and nail polish remover in the carry on but use on board the aircraft is strictly prohibited.

Most airlines don’t have an official policy on the use of nail polish. 

Not everyone was convinced the woman was in the wrong and some didn’t even realise nail varnish had a noxious smell.  

‘Wait, why is this bad? I must be missing something. I can’t figure out what this would do to bother people,’ someone queried. 

‘I didn’t see the issue at first either, I think nail varnish smells lovely, I’m just now learning that most people do not share my opinion,’ a second replied. 

‘I still don’t personally see the big deal, but I’m not particularly sensitive to chemicals scents. Even ammonia isn’t that bad until it becomes mustard gas by way of mixtures. Ma says I’m just ‘nose blind’,’ a third added. 

Previously, frequent flyers shared the most annoying habits and behaviours they’ve seen other passengers do from seats being reclined to kids playing video games with the volume up and from passengers at the back trying to get off first to reading over someone’s shoulder.

One passenger revealed that people who steal the armrests annoy them the most. He said: ‘Had a guy that kept falling asleep and would lean on my armrest which would change my channels non-stop’ 

The discussion started on Reddit when a user posed the question: ‘What is something people do on aeroplane flights that annoys the hell out of you?’

And the lack of space in an aircraft cabin was a common gripe in the thread, with ‘spookyfey’ saying having someone steal your armrest is particularly irksome.

They explained: ‘Some people put their elbows on my armrest that has my television controls.

‘Had a guy that kept falling asleep and would lean on my armrest which would change my channels non-stop.

‘Kept pointing it out to him, he kept apologising and doing the same thing over and over.’

Meanwhile tall passengers like ‘Indomitable _Dan’ say they have trouble when it comes to the small seats.

He wrote: ‘I might be the a****** in this situation, but people who recline their seats… f*** you!

‘I’m tall, and to sleep I usually have to lean forward and sleep holding my pillow at my knees.

‘If you recline I can’t really change my position in my chair from anything other than straight up.’

‘Hopebirmingham’ agreed: ‘They know damn well that they’re taking up someone’s twelve inches of space.’       

Noise is another complaint.

Reddit user ‘Goddamnstupid’ wrote: ‘People who let their kids play video games with the volume up.

‘We’re all trapped in here, no one wants to listen to a repetitive little tune for hours on end. Headphones on or volume off!’

While big groups of passengers travelling together is something that annoys ‘sp00ked_yuh’.

They wrote: ‘Groups of people who are rowdy because their group is with them.

‘Like yes it’s fun and exciting and all that, but settle the f*** down after a bit… we don’t need it at 100 the whole flight.’

One passenger revealed that people who don’t understand the touch screen TVs are the most annoying – especially when they press them too hard 

The seat-back TVs prove an annoyance for ‘turkeypants’, who revealed their most annoying flight was with a lady who ‘didn’t understand how touch screens work’.

They explained: ‘She pressed the screen on the back of my seat with the finger of vigor over and over to explore the thing’s menu. Boomp… boomp… boomp… Hey you know I’m on the other side of this thing, right lady?’

And ‘RegularArms’ added: ‘Also the f****** guy behind you pulling himself up with your seat every 20 f****** minutes.’ 

For ‘CHLDM’ the most annoying thing comes at the end of flight – people trying to be the first one out despite being nowhere near the exit.

One former flight attendant explained how the most annoying thing for her was seeing parents change nappies on tray tables 

They added: ‘They just end up pushing past everyone and end up getting out at most three minutes earlier than they normally would. Be a decent person and wait your turn like everybody else.’

The gripes continued apace. 

‘Lotusliving1’ wrote: ‘On a prior flight, the man next to me started reading my magazine along with me and commenting on everything.

‘I just wanted to read in peace, but I got my own personal narrator.’

While ’empyreanhaze’ added: ‘Those who operate a laptop or iPad at 100 per cent brightness in a dark airplane. It hurts my eyes from three rows away, how can they do it??’

And ‘offbrandsoap’ said: ‘People that cough/sneeze and don’t cover themselves. F****** monsters.’

Unusual smells are another annoyance. 

‘Drmti’ said: ‘Taking off their shoes and showing off their smelly feet.’

While ‘Slagathor’ added: ‘Ex-flight attendant here: passengers who use tray tables as change mats and change their kids dirty nappies mid flight. (And yes, all the toilets were free at this point of the flight, they just couldn’t be bothered to get up).’

The simple act of clapping when the plane lands is what annoys ‘VincentStonecliff’ the most.

While for ‘Phaedrug’ the one thing that people do on airplane flights that annoys the hell out of him is ‘exist’.

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