Visiting India's Holiest City (Varanasi Travel Vlog)

Varanasi, India is a place we have wanted to visit for as long as we can remember. We have seen many pictures and videos of Indians and foreigners visiting Varanasi, and we were drawn into the colours, customs, rituals, and significance of this place. Although we do not belong to any of the religions that find meaning at the Ganges River, we have always wanted to travel to Varanasi and learn about the importance of this area.

Although we did not bathe in the Ganges River ourselves, watching people dip themselves in the River and cleanse themselves with rituals that we had never seen before was such a great experience. It is easy to feel the importance of Varanasi for those who believe in the purification of the Ganges River and the privilege of being cremated at it’s banks. We are so grateful that we were able to visit India’s holiest city and witness people partake in rituals that hold such importance for them.

For foreigners visiting Varanasi, our advice would be to come prepared to learn, and give yourself enough time to take Varanasi slowly. For our first time in Varanasi, we found that we needed to take breaks from the crowds and busy streets to allow ourselves the space and time to really take in what we were experiencing. The ghats are definitely the best place to spend time sitting, watching, and learning, and we would highly recommend Dashashwamedh Ghat and Assi Ghat. Of course, seeing the famous Aarti performed at the Assi Ghat is a must do during your time in Varanasi.

We hope you are able to get a feel for what it’s like to visit Varanasi from this Varanasi travel vlog. We had such a great time exploring this city and ticking a sunrise boat ride along the Ganges River off our bucket list!

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== Chapters ==
00:00 Welcome to Varanasi, India’s Holiest City!
00:24 Sunrise boat tour along the Ganges River
03:42 Rituals and Bathing in the Ganges River
05:12 Varanasi streets in the early morning
06:13 Dashashwamedh Ghat first impressions
08:01 Human powered rickshaw and wow is it busy
09:32 Visiting Assi Ghat
11:00 Seeing the aarti at Assi Ghat
13:15 Thoughts on the Aarti and where we’re going next!

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