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Was Ryanair right to block us from our flight? What is the dress code for Dubai? Are there bargain flights to Rhodes? The Holiday Guru tackles travellers’ questions…

The Holiday Guru is here to answer travellers’ questions. 

This week he tackles queries about Ryanair asking for photo ID, last-minute deals to Rhodes and the dress code in Dubai. 

Q. My daughter lives in Edinburgh and we often fly there with easyJet or BA. We have never been asked to produce photo ID, but recently I booked with Ryanair from Stansted. At the gate, we were asked for photo ID. My husband did not have any and was refused boarding. What are our rights? 

Claire Bird, via email

A. Legally, you do not need photo ID to travel within the UK. Somewhat bafflingly, though, airlines have the right to request it, says the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which oversees UK flights. Neither the CAA nor the Home Office could clarify the law when asked. The CAA merely states: ‘If you turn up with the wrong type of ID you will not be able to fly and you are unlikely to get your money back.’ Meanwhile, Ryanair says its terms and conditions are that photo ID is required for all domestic flights. Check with airlines before booking.

A reader was blocked from a domestic Ryanair flight because of a lack of photo ID 

Q. I was on an easyJet flight from Malaga to Gatwick in April that was delayed by four-and-a-half hours. I am due compensation under the EU 261 regulation on air travel, but it is not being offered. I travelled with others who all received compensation within a few days of claims. Yet easyJet says I was not on the flight. Can you help? 

Amy Gray, via email

A. There seems to have been an administrative error. EasyJet is looking into it but, as a ‘gesture of goodwill’, will compensate you £343 now. Search ‘air passenger rights’ on

Q. I want to go to America but have visited Cuba – what are the rules?

Ann Townsend, via email

A. You cannot apply for an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) visa waiver if you have travelled to, or been in, Cuba since January 12, 2021. Apply for a US tourist visa, which costs £145 (

Q. My wife and I are travelling to Dubai. Can you advise on dress codes?

Thomas Anderson, via email

A reader enquired about the dress code for Dubai (stock image)

A. Swimwear is acceptable on the beach or by the pool. The advice is to ‘dress conservatively’ elsewhere, while headscarves are required for women at mosques, where you should ‘wear loose-fitting and conservative clothing, so avoid shorts and keep ankles covered – women should also cover their heads and arms before entering’, says

Q. Are there any last-minute bargains in Rhodes?

Jo Newton, London

A. Yes. It is safe to go now as the wildfires on the island are under control, and tourism is very important to the economy. When we checked, Tui had 38 per cent off week-long trips to Amfitriti Hotel and Studios from £487pp self-catering with flights from Gatwick, later in the month, ( Meanwhile, Jet2 Holidays had seven nights at Karpathios Studios from £453pp self-catering with Manchester flights: £100 off. Check both firms’ latest deals.

Q. How will the new EU Entry/Exit System (EES) affect cruises calling at European ports?

Chris Bradbury, via email

A. The Government says you will need to have your facial image and fingerprints taken upon first arrival in the EU, once the system is set up next year, which replaces the need to stamp passports. The cost for entry/registration is £6, covering three years. But it’s free for those aged under 18 or over 70. See ‘new requirements to travel to Europe’ at


If you need advice, the Holiday Guru is here to answer your questions. Email us at

Are last-minute bargains to Rhodes on offer? The Holiday Guru says Tui and Jet2 do have some 

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Was Ryanair right to block us from our flight? What is the dress code for Dubai? Are there bargain flights to Rhodes? The Holiday Guru tackles travellers’ questions…

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