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What To Pack For Vacation 2017! Travel Hacks + Holiday Essentials! What's in my Carry On Bag!

What To Pack For Vacation 2017! Travel Hacks + Holiday Essentials! What’s in my Carry On Bag! What’s up guys! Today I thought I would show you my super pro packing tips that help me save space as well as everything that I pack in my own suitcase / luggage including my travel essentials, my clothing and of course, what I pack in my carry on bag for the airplane! So if you’re sitting there thinking “how do I pack my suitcase?!” and you leave for vacation soon, hopefully you find this video super helpful! I also added in some of my fave packing life hacks that you NEED to use on your next vacation, whether you are going somewhere for spring break OR maybe you are planning something fun for summer vacation (or even a road trip, lets be real $$$ haha). Let me know in the comments what your #1 essential is for a holiday and also somewhere you would love to go visit in the world! xoxo

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Yellow Backpack – Colette by Colette Hayman
(this backpack will be available in April! they have a ton of cute backpacks on their site now though AND A SALE!)
Sneakers – ASOS
Hat – Kmart (I can’t find it online but it was in there the other day, they should still have some in stock!)
Jeans – ASOS
T-Shirt – Forever 21 (I pinned up the sleeves on this top).

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This video is a What To Pack For Vacation 2017! Travel Hacks + Holiday Essentials! What’s in my Carry On Bag! ! but over the next few videos you can expect to see Ways To Have the BEST 2017, Life Hacks for 2017, How To Be Fit and Healthy in The New Year, New Years Resolutions for 2017, Beauty Hacks, Giveaway videos, Clothing Haul + Fashion Lookbook videos, A DIY Room Makeover for 2017 with Organizational DIYs and DIY Hacks, A Morning Routine, Night Routine and Day In The Life video + more!



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