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Why i left Afghanistan & some travel tips !

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Afghanistan 2023, this is the vlog thats taken ,e so long to do, to talk about the reason i left afghanistan, i am not showing anything here that this man hasnt already sown on his social media, in fact he had worse up there, but removed it and blocked me because i showed the proof he lied about me criticising the government… you can skip to the end to see that, this is about why i left and my feelings on Afghanistan, why i Love Afghanistan so much, and hope one day i can return to Afghanistan, as things stand now according to this man , he was told i am no longer welcome in Afghanistan, me as well as some other vloggers , he has told others they are no longer welcome in Afghanistan, whivh i find very strange that he can say all these things and he is not even Afghan himself. Afghanistan will still be my favourite country, id love to take a bunch of people with me sometime so i can show people the real Afghanistan,away from Western Media. The people of Afghanistan deserve everything after what they have been through for decades, if you could see how happy tourism makes the locals, you would go in a heartbeat. Go with an open mind, leave Politics behind and you will be amazed… thanks to everyone for their support .. i will put all travel links below ,
First link is FB page for local tour company ⬇️

Second link is the Afghan travel Facebook groups ⬇️

Next link is Diana’s blog page with detailed information about travel to Afghanistan

Next link is Somaya the female guide jn herat and her friends jnsta if you want female guides ⬇️⬇️

Next link is Sultan who i used as a guide / interpreter⬇️⬇️

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