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Why Ultra-Long Flights Are Better Than Short Ones

Long-haul flights. You know, those marathon adventures that fly you half-way around the world, are terrifyingly boring, and tire you to no end. But nowadays, long-distance travel is nothing like it was years ago! And the experience of flying 20 hours straight might turn out to be much more enjoyable than you expected!

Let’s say you need to get from Singapore to New York, which usually takes about 19 hours. Chances are, you’ll travel the distance of almost 10,000 miles on a plane that has been designed specifically for flying super-long routes. Travelers have more space between armrests, more head and shoulder room, as well as more legroom. On top of that, the air circulation and lighting in the cabin are adjusted in a way that’s supposed to help passengers deal with jet lag more easily!

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Why Airbus A350-900-ULR is so cool 0:44
Dreamliner (With really big windows!) 1:33
Benefits of flying long distances 3:02
How to get ready for the ultra-long-haul flight:
– Choose your seat carefully 4:41
– Ask cabin crew the right questions 5:31
– Put on comfortable clothes 6:20
– Stay hydrated 6:46
– You can claim compensation 7:54

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Interior view of the test aircraft ‘MSN002’ of Airbus A350XWB on display at the Beijing Capital International Airport in Beijing, China, 2 November 2016: By Zheng shuai – Imaginechina/Associated Press/East News,
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– One of the most exciting features of Airbus A350 is its tail camera! You’ll be so mesmerized by your gorgeous airliner crossing the globe, you probably won’t even pay attention to any other in-flight entertainment.
– The Dreamliner does everything to make your journey feel like a dream. For example, it has a special system that makes the air in the cabin much more humid.
– An LED lighting system makes it easier for you to adjust from daylight to darkness at night, and the air circulates around the cabin every two minutes.
– Long flights are usually more comfortable than short ones, what with all these bigger seats and more space. And it doesn’t even matter whether you fly economy or first class.
– Almost all long flights have great in-flight entertainment. So, you can occupy your time by watching movies, listening to music, or playing games.
– The only alternative to a long-haul flight is to fly for 8 or so hours, jolt awake, sleepily gather your things, and spend several more hours at an unfamiliar airport.
– If you know that you’ll need to go to the bathroom pretty often or will feel the need to stretch your legs, choose an aisle seat. Otherwise, you’ll have to climb over your dozing neighbors.
– Remember to ask cabin crew the right questions. And the first one should be, “Is the plane full?” Because, if it isn’t, you can probably have another, more comfortable seat.
– Every time you fly, it’s better to put on comfortable clothes. But on ultra-long-haul flights, it’s critical.
– It’s a good idea to fill your water bottle at the airport before take-off, and keep drinking this water during the flight.
– Try to sleep as much as you can on a long-haul flight. It’ll allow you to get to your destination in a reasonably adequate, non-zombie state.
– You probably know that you can claim compensation if your flight is delayed, overbooked, or canceled. But what few people are aware of is that the longer the flight is, the bigger the compensation.

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