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Will I get a refund if I cancel my holiday to Spain due to coronavirus and is easyJet flying again?

Will I get my money back if I cancel my holiday to Spain in June due to coronavirus and is it true easyJet could start flying again soon? The Holiday Guru answers traveller queries

The Holiday Guru is always on call to answer your questions.

This week a reader asks if they should cancel their holiday to Spain in June due to coronavirus and another asks what a holiday ‘refund credit note’ is. 

Q. I booked a package in Spain for June, but I’m worried about coronavirus. Can I cancel and get a refund?

Jennifer Browning, via email

One reader asks if she can cancel her package trip to Spain for June and still get a refund 

A. If you cancel you will lose what you paid as your tour operator will regard your decision a ‘disinclination to travel’.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against non-essential travel abroad ‘indefinitely’ so your instinct is not unfounded. 

However, operators say this advice could change, so they are only cancelling trips two to three weeks before departures. 

Q. Our package trip to Cyprus in a fortnight has been cancelled. We are being offered a ‘Refund Credit Note’. What is this?

Peter Williams, Cardiff.

A. Refund Credit Notes can be exchanged for future bookings for a period set by each tour operator, at the end of which — if you have not re-booked — you can claim cash.

By law, operators should provide refunds within 14 days, but due to the pandemic, new rules have been introduced with the blessing of the Association of British Travel Agents. 

Q. I heard easyJet could start flying again soon — is this true?

Sam Peters, London SW15

No exact date has been on when easyJet will start flying again after being grounded due to the coronavirus crisis 

A. No exact date has been given, but this week the airline’s chief executive said he is considering this and that it is possible that flights will be loaded so that middle seats are empty when services resume.


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