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Woman complains boyfriend won’t pay 10 euros to sit beside her on flight… but people ask: ‘Why don’t YOU pay?’

A TikTok influencer has sparked the latest airline etiquette debate after revealing her boyfriend refused to fork out an extra 10 euros to sit beside her on a flight.

TikToker Gamze Esen shared a video of her boyfriend choosing not to pay the extra flight fee to sit together. 

Instead of boarding their European flight together, the two stood at opposite entrances of the plane. 

‘All the couples are sitting together, but your man didn’t think it was worth paying an extra 10 euros to choose a seat next to you,’ Esen wrote in the video, adding in the caption: ‘That’s just unnecessary costs.’

TikToker Gamze Esen, shared a video of her boyfriend choosing not to pay the extra flight fee to sit together. Instead of boarding their flight together, the two stood at opposite entrances 

The added fee was ten euros, and many users have jumped to Esen’s boyfriend’s defence, hailing him for not paying it 

The ten euros would amount to £8.60; most airlines opt for the extra fee to pick a certain seat, and many often amount to more than ten euros. 

Esen’s post has triggered a fury amongst TikTokers, and way over 4,000 users leapt to share their opinion.  

Over 4.8million people have viewed the controversial video, and though opinions are divided, many have stood in solidarity with Esen’s boyfriend. 

Jumping to his defence, one user raised the question: ‘Why don’t you pay it’

Others commented on how expensive the flight fee is, one wrote: ‘Just out of principle I don’t pay extra for a seat, the flight is expensive enough.’ 

Another wrote: ‘Think about it. With those 10 euros you can drink five coffees in your holiday. He thought about it already.’

Some users claimed the distance was too short to succumb to the fee, supporting Esen’s boyfriend, one user wrote: ‘You absolutely don’t need to sit together for a Europe flight.’

Some users claimed Esen’s boyfriend decision was a ‘red flag’ and said he should have payed the extra fee for them to sit together 

Meanwhile, others described her boyfriend’s decision as a ‘red flag’ and took the opinion that the added fee is only a small price to pay to sit together. 

One user commented: ‘Nah I’m paying the 10€. If the plane’s going down I don’t wanna spend my last minutes with a stranger.’

Another agreed: ‘I can’t imagine sitting next to a stranger instead of my wife, just to save 10 euros.’ 

Others offered their own extreme personal anecdotes, one wrote: ‘When my bf heard we aren’t seated together on our flight he called to get us the biz upgrade immediately for 2500€. Never settle ladies.’

Esen’s video follows several viral TikToks, in which passenger’s were praised for not giving up their seats for children who want to sit next to their parents.

Last month Tammy Nelson, the CEO of global jewelry brand CONQUERing was the subject of much debate, as she turfed an entitled mother out of her pre-booked seat. 

Nelson was taken aback when she discovered someone sitting in the seat she had reserved. Assuming it was a mistake, she politely informed the woman of the mix-up. 

The TikTok video has over 3m views has countless of positive comments praising her for not giving up her seat to the ‘entitled mother’

However, things took a turn for the worst when the unidentified mother assumed Nelson would swap and take her middle seat, so that she could sit next to her two children, estimated to be aged 11 and 15-years-old.

Nelson considered the request and told the woman she would be happy to switch with her if she had a window seat. 

However upon discovering it was a dreaded middle seat, Nelson retracted her offer and was met with angry mutters from the mother.  

‘Having had only 90 minutes of sleep the night before and knowing I had to give a presentation to 500 people, I desperately needed some sleep, so I did not agree to switch seats,’ Nelson captioned her video. 

The businesswoman posted her experience on TikTok and gained countless positive comments praising her for not giving up her seat. 

But while most people supported her for refusing the mother’s request, a smaller minority argued she could have been more empathetic and understanding. 

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