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WORST Airport MISTAKES to Avoid | Airport Travel Tips 2022

5 COMMON things travellers do at the airport that will ruin a trip. DO NOT make these easy mistakes airport travel mistakes the next time you fly.

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In today’s video we will cover 5 airport mistakes you may not even know you are making. I’ll also share tips on how you can avoid them, as well as airport travel hacks to save you time, stress and money. .

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0:00 Airport travel mistakes to avoid
0:25 Going to the wrong airport terminal
0:50 Multiple terminals – be careful!
1:20 How. to find your terminal
1:38 Not knowing where your departure gate is
2:16 Not checking the flight monitor regularly
2:50 Missing your flight because you didn’t ask for help
3:10 Ways airline agents can help you
4:45 International flight layover- what you NEED to know!
4:40 How to pick up and re-check your luggage
4:58 How to know if you need to re-check your bag
5:19 Bonus tip #1
5:40 Bonus tip #2


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