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86 OUTFITS IN A CARRY ON!!! (Travel Hacks + Tips) Packing for GREECE & ITALY 2021

I’m sharing some ultimate travel hacks and pro tips and showing you how to pack like a pro as I pack ONE CARRY-ON suitcase for EIGHT WEEKS abroad in Greece and Italy. It’s time for a European Summer and I’m sharing my travel packing essentials, my packing methods, and what outfits I’m bring for my dream Mediterranean summer!

I hope you all enjoyed this video and got some sort of tips, help or maybe even inspiration to show you that you can always pack more than you think you can WITHOUT going overboard. Consider me your travel fairy godmother–here to show you all the travel hacks in terms of packing for trips. I usually pack the bare necessities but for this trip I wanted to make sure I had more than enough beautiful options for the places we will be going!

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P.S. I was able to pack more items loose in the suitcase so the *final* updated count that you can’t see in the video ended up being back to right around 86 outfit possibilities!!! I don’t know about you but even I’m impressed with what I was able to fit in here!!

Here’s the exact packing cubes I used but they are a tad $$$ BUT, I have a $25 OFF code I’ll link below!

The Compressible Packing Cubes I used:
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