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Hello Everyone!

Thank you for joining in as usual. We are so excited to share with you this video which we have worked very hard on.

This video will give you all the starter information you’ll need when you visit Japan.

You may find this video to be a little bit detailed and lengthy. However, we wanted to create a video that really runs you through the steps and provides as much comprehensive information as possible so you don’t need to go through the hours of research that we had to do when we first travelled to Japan!

If there’s anything that has been missed, please leave us a comment below and let us know!

We would be incredibly grateful if you liked this video, and shared it with anyone who may be interested in travelling to Japan!

And to make it easier for you all, here are the tips in the order as they’re mentioned in the video!

1. Money @1:55
– Getting cash in Japan @2:55
– Credit card use in Japan @3:30
– Tipping in Japan @3:45

2. Transportation @4:20
– Getting from Narita Airport to Tokyo City @4:38
– JR PASS (Website: @7:00
– Suica & Pasmo IC Cards @9:35
– Regular tickets & Day Passes @11:10
– How to navigate around Japan @11:54
– Rush hour in Japan @12:38
– Train cart and door numbers @13:15

3. Luggage Storage @13:38
– Luggage Delivery Service ( @15:05

4. Wi-Fi in Japan @15:40
– Free Wi-Fi in Japan @15:47
– Roaming @17:05
– SIM Card @17:24
– Pocket Wi-Fi Rental @17:38

5. Using Your Electronics in Japan@18:34

6. Types of Accommodations in Japan @19:10

7. Language tips in Japan @20:24

8. Trash in Japan @22:38

9. “Unspoken” rules & Mannerism in Japan @24:12

10. Smoking in Japan @26:22

11. Drinking in Japan @26:59

12. Walking in Japan @28:00

13. Emergencies in Japan @29:14

Thank you as always!

Much love,

Thomas & Tracey



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