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Welcome to the Dragon Kingdom || Bhutan Travel Vlog (Part 1)

Welcome to the Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan! Thanks to Flying Fox Bhutan ( for giving me a 3 day tour around this beautiful kingdom. In my first episode, we learn about Bhutanese culture, visit the worlds largest sitting Buddha, see the national animal, Takin, visit a monastery for women, and check out the local markets of Thimphu. Stay tuned for more episodes to come!

Tucked away deep in the Himalayas, landlocked between the worlds two largest countries is the small kingdom of Bhutan. The land of Dragons. Boasting the worlds happiest people and surrounded by natural beauty this nation of less than a million people remains a mystery to most of the world. A complicated visa and expensive daily tourism fee makes it even more elusive. But the high value, low volume tourism model intrigued me allowing me to escape into this world of peace and brought back a sense of true discovery. This is day 1 of my 3 day adventure with Flying Fox Bhutan, and here’s how it went…

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