Is The Gambia SAFE? (I didn't expect this) | Africa Travel Vlog

It’s our last day in The Gambia. So far our time in The Gambia has been nothing but pleasant and we have felt unusually safe in the small African country. I could certainly see why The Gambia is often referred to as The Smiling Coast of Africa. When I landed in The Gambia I didn’t have many expectations. However, the people of The Gambia were leaving a strong impression of me.

In this vlog, we journey to Sanyang beach, on the west coast of The Gambia where we run into a heart-stopping encounter…

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This is sadly my last The Gambia vlog. However, if you’d love to know more about my time in The Gambia and any recommendations for visiting The Gambia, let me know and I can create some travel guide videos.



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