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Tiny Travel Essentials That Will Change Your Life

These hacks use small travel essentials to help your vacation. These little things turn into travel hacks when you use something you already have to help your flight be more comfortable. These tiny items will help you pack light with less weight. #travelhacks

My really little travel gear:
Liquids bag set:
Small containers:
Ear plugs:
Eye drops: Systane individual vials
Travel perfume La Vie est Belle:
Eyelash primer Lancome:
Folding toothbrush:
Hair color powder:
3-in1 foundation:

Hollywood tape:
Makeup pouch (only one has the pouch):
Q-tip travel case:
Floss sticks:
Black tin:

Zipper hooks:
Liquids bag for Europe:
Backpack anti-theft:
Apple tracker:
Key chain for tracker:

Set of glasses cleaners:
Hidden money belt:
Shoe tracker sole:
Cheap pad for shoe:
Waterproof shoe with zipper Munro (runs a tad large in heel): (These look so good on!
Waterproof sneaker Blondo (runs large):
Hotel slippers:
Pink sandals:

Neck fan necklace:
Neck fan – no blades:
Neck pillow:
Eye pillow strap:
This one is prettier:
Pill organizer:
Electronics cord case:
Portable phone charger:
Shampoo bar: Lush
Bag for wet soap:
Small baggies (set of 35):
Thin RFID wallet:
Tray for hotel:
Light for zippers:
Set of 2 plug adapters:

00:00 Travel hacks with small items
00:34 Hack with cotton balls
1:17 Use little containers
2:02 Decant balms
3:15 Little ear plugs
4:35 Pack tiny eye drops
5:07 Travel hack perfume
5:49 Travel sized items
6:26 Folding toothbrush
7:34 Travel hack for outfits
8:27 Small toiletry items
9:45 Little zipper locks
13:38 Hidden item prevent theft
14:09 Shoe hacks
16:42 Small gear for vacation
17:57 Hacks for medicine
19:02 More small items for travel hacks

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