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Top 11 Travel Destinations for Single Men In Their 20s

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What makes a great city for single guys to check out; and where are the best cities? In this episode the author of Traveling Tipsy joins me and we talk about each of our favorite cities, with emphasis on which cities are best for the single guys to hit up. We highlight 11 of our top cities including at least one city I guarantee you never have heard of.

Mentioned in the Episode:
• Traveling Tipsy – (Mikes Blog)
• My favorite Hostel In San Juan Del Sur

• Best Cities for Single Guys
• First Lets Start With the worst
o Vegas
o Miami
o Both suck
• Some things matter more then others
o Women of course
o Activities to do in the city
o Walkability

1. Berlin, Germany
a. Its cheap
b. It’s a 24 hour city
c. There is so much going on
d. Berlin is nice, but Germany can be a little strict
e. However the winters are bad
f. Good English speakers, but you should learn German

2. Budapest, Czech Republic
a. Ruin Pubs are awesome
b. Good English speakers

3. Krakow, Poland
a. Good Hostels
b. Always something going on
c. Also English is good

4. Rio, de Janeiro, Brazil
a. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
b. The women are gorgeous
c. The beaches are amazing
d. It is a little expensive
e. Its also not that safe

5. Buenos Aires, Argentina
a. Beautiful city
b. Great steak and wine
c. Beautiful people (which can be a problem at times)
d. People go outside and drink mate which I love

6. Saigon , Vietnam
a. Crossing the street is very hard
b. The expats all know each other
c. There is a great connection there and good community
d. A lot of things going on always
e. The cost of living is very low
f. Its fast pace on steroids
g. The key is meeting a big network of people
h. The social apps scene is big there

7. Shanghai
a. You are treated like a rock star
b. China is racist, buts its all good
c. The dating scene is nice because your treated like a rock star at the bars
d. Also the online dating apps work really

8. Bangkok, Thailand
a. The food is amazing
b. Its cheap
c. The people their like foreigners
d. You cant tell if a girl is a working girl, or if they are even a girl at all
e. The advice to see if a girl is a ladyboy, if she is too pretty she might be a lady boy

9. San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua
a. Where Mike currently is living
b. It’s a tiny city
c. Beautiful city
d. The great part is its not discovered yet.

10. A city just for You
a. This place can be anywhere that is special to you
b. For me currently its santa monica
c. I have friends
d. For people in the Midwest it might be Chicago, or east coast people New York

11. New York, New York
a. Its like living in Rome during the height of the Roman Empire
b. Smart women, and of course attractive..(read more)

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