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Traveler sparks FURIOUS debate after admitting he always boards a plane FIRST – regardless of what boarding group he’s in… as critics brand him a ‘scumbag’ for his brazen behavior

A traveler has sparked furious debate after revealing that they always board planes with the first group – adding that he frequently lies to sneak his way onto the aircraft before anyone else. 

LinkedIn user Dickie Bush faced furious backlash when he took to the website to open up about his personal flying habits – which include always making sure he is one of the first people to get onto an airplane, no matter what boarding group he is assigned to. 

The Florida native’s post was shared on Reddit, where people were quick to slam his behavior, with one going as far as to brand him a ‘scumbag’, once again reigniting the ongoing discussion about airplane etiquette – just days after a plane passenger prompted fury for propping her feet on someone else’s seat. 

Posting in a Reddit thread titled, ‘Delta’, people on the web argued about whether it’s acceptable to ignore what your boarding pass says and hop on the plane first. 

A traveler has sparked furious debate after revealing that he always boards planes with the first group – despite what his assigned boarding group dictates (stock image) 

After LinkedIn user Dickie Bush admitted he always boards first – regardless of what group he is in – his post was re-shared on Reddit where users were quick to blast him 

The post was titled, ‘Saw this “advice” and comments on LinkedIn – these are the scumbags who ruin things for everyone.’ 

The original comment from Dickie was attached to the Reddit post – revealing one of several tips he shared when it comes to airports and flying. 

In tip number two from the list, he said: ‘Board in group one, no matter your group. 99 per cent of the time they don’t say anything. Worst case, they tell you to wait, then you’re first when they call your actual group.’ 

While Dickie shared several tips as part of his post, it was this advice that sparked quite the debate on Reddit and LinkedIn. 

Some people flooded the comments section on LinkedIn and praised him for his advice – adding that they do the same.  

One person cautioned others against trying it on certain flights however, writing: ‘I always try to board in group one but my last three flights had scan barriers and only let you through on designated group call.’ 

Someone else said: ‘Literally, the boarding group is a farce.’ 

‘They truly don’t care about which group you are in. I tell them I’m a silver card holder and they let me through,’ said another. 

Other people quickly flooded the comments section and praised him for his advice – adding that they do the same

‘Number two is spot on, flown all over… the only call I’ll wait for is the one to let families with kids go first,’ added another user. 

One user wrote: ‘Awesome advice, so you can give dirty looks as latecomers are trying to wedge their huge bags into the tiny gaps that remain.’ 

‘Doing number two forever from now on,’ confessed someone else. 

However, on Reddit, the comments were much more negative, with people calling Dickie out for his brazen confession.  

One person said: ‘I have seen so many instances of Delta gate agents calling people out for trying to board early. They probably don’t care if you are in zone 3 boarding in zone one  but people try boarding during 1st class or comfort plus seem to get called out a lot.’

 ‘You just know that not a single one of these people puts their shopping carts away at the grocery store in the parking lot,’ said someone else. 

‘Those people deserve to fly Spirit,’ added another person. 

‘Anyone who does this is the worst type of person. If you do this it’s similar to parking in a handicap spot it’s that bad,’ said another user. 

Someone else added:  ‘Gate lice.’ 

Another user wrote: ‘I’ve always known this was possible, but also don’t do it because it’s rude..’ 

‘Main character syndrome,’ said another user. 

In the past, passengers have debated about switching seats.

However, the confessions caused fury – with many people on the web slamming the traveler

Just one month ago, a frequently flyer has issued a PSA to fellow travelers about seat swapping after he found himself in a nightmare experience that saw him forced to move five times when he begrudgingly gave up his spot to another passenger. 

The unknown man took to Reddit to recount his seat swap story that ‘permanently changed [his] mind on ever being nice and trading seats with someone.’ 

He reignited the heated conversation surrounding travel etiquette after a frequent flyer was applauded for refusing to switch seats so a woman could sit by the window. 

He shared his experience in a thread dedicated to ‘Delta Air Lines’ – adding that the disastrous incident took place eight years ago while he was on a flight from New York City to Utah.

Another frequent flyer previously revealed she refused to switch her window seat with an ‘entitled’ passenger who wanted to sit next to his wife. 

The unnamed woman took to Reddit to share how she declined to move to a middle seat during an 11-hour flight from New York to Cairo, Egypt, so the man sitting next to her could sit beside his wife.

The anonymous woman shared her story on the social media platform as a way to rant about the man under a thread titled, ‘EntitledPeople,’ prompting others on the web to slam the man for asking someone else to switch to a lower-quality seat so he could be happy. 

The denial comes months after one man sparked furious debate when he refused to give up his first-class seat for his boss, despite using his own credit card points to do so.

In the past,’s Jaci Stephen even offered up her view, and confessed that she ‘absolutely refuses’ to swap seats, no matter how angry the passenger requesting to switch may get.

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