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TRIP TO LONDON | Family Travel Vlog | London Eye, Big Ben International Travel | Aayu and Pihu Show

Yeh hai humari First International Trip! ✈🎉
Hum aa gaye hai London! 🌉
Aur aapke liye laye hai ek amazing international trip vlog! 🤩
Humare saath yeh journey enjoy karne ke liye video end tak zaroor dekhna! 🤗

Trip to London Part 1🎡 –
Trip To Wimbledon Part 2 🎾 –
Trip To Madam Tussads Part 3 🗿 –
Trip To Legoland Part 4 🎢 –
Flying Food vs Korean Food 🍜 –

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Love you, friends 🙂

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