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The bizarre competition in Japan that sees exquisite mini gardens built on the back of TRUCKS

The bizarre competition in Japan that sees exquisite mini gardens built on the back of TRUCKSThe annual  Kei Truck Garden Contest sees landscaping taken to the next levelCompetition entrants only have hours to transform their trucks into gardensJudges mark entrants on planning, design, expression and execution

In Japan they’ve twigged that one of the country’s most popular type of truck makes for a handy canvas – for creating exquisite gardens.

Every year green-fingered landscaping fanatics take part in the Kei Truck Garden Contest, which sees them design and build gardens on the back of ‘keitora’ vehicles (mini utility vehicles) in just a few hours. 

And as these images show from recent competitions, the standards are exceptionally high.

Competition entrants only get a few hours to design and build their gardens 

Gardeners are given free rein to push the boat out and create something original and creative

Japanese gardens are known for their distinctive features and touches.

And the annual competition sees the entrants go for broke, with some fabulous designs that encompass everything we associate with pretty Japanese gardens.

From tiny paths to delicate water features (even aquariums) and from miniature huts to rock formations and wooden benches, these mini-marvels show shovel-loads of imagination and creativity. 

The backs of these utility vehicles have never looked so beautiful 

Competitors use a whole array of features to make sure their garden stands out from the crowd

After the entrants finish their frantic few hours of designing and assembling, it’s time for the judges to cast their eyes and dig out a winner.

Judging criteria include planning, design, expression and execution, according to

The competition is run by the Japan Federation of Landscape Contractors. 

It’s not certain yet whether the coronavirus crisis will lead to 2020’s contest being cancelled. 

Do you dig it? Even outlandish features like aquariums are added

Japanese gardens are known around the world for their zen-like qualities 


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